Greene’s Quest for Primitive Seediness in Journey without Maps


  • Toya Nath Upadhyay Central Department of English


civilization, primitivism, seediness, , west and non-west


Abstract: This paper interprets Graham Greene’s travel text, Journey without Maps, as his quest for primitive seediness. Using the concept, primitivism, that is frequently used by the Western travel writers to depict the non-Western peoples and their societies, the study analyzes and interprets the text, and claims that Greene’s journey to the interior of Liberia is the journey of his escape from the contemporary seediness of civilization that he experiences in Britain into the seediness of primitivism that he supposes to find in Liberia where the civilization has comparatively a weaker grip. After the analysis, the study expects that it will add a new perspective in the reading of the Western texts written about the non-Western societies.