Students' Fear in Presenting Assignments in the Classroom


  • Shiva prasad Paudel TU DMC, Baglung


fear, assignment presentation, academic performance, intervention, reflection


This action research focuses on exploring the behaviors of students' fear in presenting assignments in the classroom of BED first year students at Dhawalagiri Multiple campus of Tribhuvan University in Nepal. It aims to investigate the factors contributing to students' fear of presenting assignments, the impact of this fear on academic performance and overall well-being, and potential interventions to reduce anxiety and improve student outcomes. The research reviews the historical evolution of studies on the fear of presenting assignments and examines the various factors that contribute to this fear, including physiological, psychological, cognitive, behavioral, environmental, and technological factors. The study adopts a mixed-methods approach, combining qualitative and quantitative data collection techniques such as interviews and observations. Based on the findings, interventions are implemented, including workshops, mentoring, and changes in assessment practices, to address the identified factors and reduce fear. The effectiveness of these interventions is continuously monitored and evaluated. The research aims to provide insights and recommendations to create a supportive and empowering classroom environment for students, promoting their academic success and well-being.